Lack of Confidence, Money Phobia, Lack of Personal Power, Your childhood conditioned to create failure.
Personal Growth and Development: Able to reveal any denial of self worth. an analysis will shed light on areas of negative unconscious belief patterns. After these are brought to conscious awareness, they can be processed and intregated, thereby allowing the person to become a more functional constructive being and helps one create a positive attitude towards life.

Anger, Fearful, Symptoms of Stress: Embedded reasons of negative emotional patterns are identified and restructured into more positive, strengthening fragments of natural self expression.

Motivation, Self Esteem, Business and Career: Align the goals to your inner truth and direction. Explore what your inner wisdom reveal are preventing you from your potential to manifest more money.

Emotional problems and destructive behavioral patterns are impossible to overcome when imprinted by the ongoing influence of experience. Enduring change requires the elimination of the potent effects of these memories or experiences. Inner Wisdom Reveal is effective in facilitating the elimination of emotional unrest from the trauma, even when events are repressed or forgotten. Unconscious conflicts blocking desired change are identified from revealing the symbols that are represented , healed , released  and cleared out.

Trauma can be an isolated incident or it may be something to which someone is exposed over a lengthy duration of time. Abuse can be emotional, verbal and/or physical. No experience is judged. It is our perception of the experience that surfaces and that can be altered.

Here's one example revealing the inner insight on how diffuclt it was for her.
The forward statement where the parallel message occurred. (she once abused drugs in her life)
"There’s no good way to talk about what happened to me like there’s no whata whata what I did you know I can’t"
The parallel message
" battle a, cost a you"
Carrying childhood and adult  baggage
Now, in this next example here is the whole statement played in reverse. Listen for "battle a, cost a you" among the natural ghibberish when you typically reverse a converation.
What Is Blocking YOUR Success?
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Internal Monologue Connection