Internal Monologue Connection
Reverse It to Reveal It
The Innermost Speech messages seem to appear and can occur in any daily language as well as what is identified as  symbols and archetypes. The inner messages may expose our beliefs and ingrained behavioral patterns in the form of pictorial images. For example some inner messages let us see supportive inner aspects of our selves; other messages reflect back to us our lack of self-love and inner harmony.

The Innermost Speech have a unique tonal sound quality to them. With practice and patience you can spot them. The challenge is hearing the clearest and not to project what you hear.
Sometimes the innermost messages are very clear but mostly they range in various pitch as in lowness, highness and duration.
Even the emotional quality can be harsh, severe, blunt, vigorous, melodic, poetic amd moderate.
The format when listening to any of the innermost messages on this site is the natural part of the forward conversation will play first where the inner wisdom occurred.
Then you will hear the inner wisdom played in three speeds, normal, slow and slower
"miss love"
Soldier with post traumatic stress disorder"my solution, power"
Dysfunctional Archetypes people are being influenced at the inner level.
Examples of more inner messages revealing extra information relating to thier issues.
"my eve suffer"
"my earth scared"