Internal Monologue Connection
carrying the stored emotions all your life
Clients tend to feel more relaxed and peaceful after receiving an Inner Wisdom Reveal session. Some symptoms may show immediate improvement, while others may become evident in the days or weeks following sessions. Many times a few sessions are required for noticeable improvement, as your body reestablishes its foundational energetic balance. The speed of shifting and emotional healing is highly individual.
People energy fields can be compared to onions. Under the many, different body layer fields you have been carrying for years, there is the perfectly healthy, peaceful, and happy person. With each IWR session, a layer is released away until the person’s true self emerges. In order to shift energies and subconscious communication shift for change, the body may need some time to rewrite its functioning completely. The more sessions one undergoes, the more sensitive one becomes to energy balancing and it will be easier to notice subtle shifts and changes.
Basics on the human body field
It is important to remember that Inner Wisdom Reveal is subtle energy medicine and the “affects” are also, often subtle. That said, profound shifts can and are made with the sessions. I invite you to listen quietly to what these shifts look like to you as your session is totally and uniquely your own.
The number of Inner Wisdom Reveal  sessions needed for a client will vary according to all circumstances and according with innate requirement. The practitioner uses the body’s innate wisdom by muscle testing and by the inner parallel messages from the backward recording analysis to determine if further sessions are necessary and, if so, when the next recommended visit.
Generally, we see improvements soon after the sessions.