Internal Monologue Connection
Type of Services
5 minute Innermost Speech mini analysis = $70 per analysis
Are you curious then Invest in just FIVE minutes Try an introductory five-minute mini- analysis to your one question.
Session 1- We discuss your one question and we set up another session appointment.
Session 2-  I'll call you after I discover your parallel messages then we can review the transcript and hear your inner messages together.

15 minute Innermost Speech Analysis = $142 per analysis
30 minute Innermost Speech Analysis = $275 per analysis
A telephone discussion on a personal topic of your choice. Get an in depth analysis on your present concern or seek further information or validation on a particular situation, personal or business decision. This includes two telephone appointments.
Session 1- First, I call you and we discuss your concern, which will be recorded. After analyzing your recording, I write up a transcript with my interpretation of all your reversals and email it to you.
Session 2- A second telephone session is then scheduled to go over your reversals together and give you the opportunity to hear some beneficial and insightful messages.

Seeded Emotion Release approx. 25 minutes - $60 per session
up to 10 max per seeded emotions released per session.
In short, the Seeded Emotion Release is a simple, easy, and quick method to discover emotional baggage (using muscle testing) and release it. Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies; the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are still archived one of our eight body fields. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, all manner of disease. In addition, these seeded emotions are the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and all manner of mental illnesses.

OK, Now I'm Ready for Change....What are the session steps for 
Inner Wisdom Reveal ?

Inner Wisdom Protocol - $370    (does not include segment 4 or 5 )

1st segment
Part A - session- 20 minutes recording session on only one topic.(to analyze and prepare transcript)
Part B - session - Seeded Emotion release 25 minutes up to max. 8 releases.

2nd segment
Part A- session -1 hour  - play audio reversals and analysis review
Part B -  session- 20 minutes Seeded Emotion release up to max. 8 releases.

3rd segment
Part A- session - 20 minute -release implementation, if required install positive behavior function
Part B -  session- 20 minutes Seeded Emotion release up to max. 8 releases.

Optional addition:
Monitor session four or five weeks after previous  session- $222
(You must make an appointment after 3 weeks from 3rd segment session.)

Four or five weeks later -
4th segment
Part A - session- 15 minutes progress recording ( to analyze and prepare transcript)
Part B - session- 25 minutes Seeded Emotion release up to max 8 releases.
This session is used to create a monitor recording. We will discuss your reactions to the Inner Wisdom Protocol  and your thoughts on how you are progressing.-30 minutes recording time
After our recording session I will analyze the recording to find all speech reversals, and write up a transcription.

5th segment
Part A - session- 30 minutes  review the inner messages.
Part B - session- 20 minutes Seeded Emotion release up to max 8 releases.
We will review the speech reversals found in the previous session together, and assess whether or not your subconscious blockage have been removed, and what progress has been made toward your stated goals.

Between Sessions: Allow time for processing.
This is a time for healing; you may feel some side-effects of processing after the session. Most of the time, the processing is fairly mild and not really noticeable. You may feel lighter and less burdened. Other times you may feel some negative symptoms from processing. You may feel some echoes of the emotions that were released, you may feel tired, and you may feel out of sorts emotionally, you may cry or even feel sick. You may have dreams or feel extra sensitive. The unpleasant effects don't typically last for more than a day or two and they are usually very mild.
Telephone or Skype for all sessions
Have a question contact Frank
All prices and services subject to change without notice.
Sessions currently are only scehduled on Thursday and Friday 
from 1pm to 7pm AZ time.