Internal Monologue Connection
What Is Blocking YOUR Success?
It seems by accepting limited beliefs, untruthful  ideas or unhealthy habits, we allow ourselves to have what is commonly known as BLOCKS. No matter which life-area is blocked (love-life, money, success, weight, people, etc.), we can always search for the core of it in one of the 5 Most typical types of Blocks. For example lets focus on Success and Money blocks: actions preventing our growth, or blocking our moving forward, with our goals and finances.
Typical five most common types of blocks, most familiar to us.
#1 Parental Programming Blocks:

Seeing that our parents are role models for us this would be the number one reason that can block us from our success is our parental programming. Parents may not have expressed their limiting beliefs specifically to us. They might not have ever spoken a word about money. And still, their message was being absorbed into our consciousness.
Perhaps they shared of their struggles. Or perhaps they spoke of the greedy, wealthy, corrupted owner of a company. Your programmed voice may say  “Was it on sale?”, “How much did you pay for that?” “It’s to expensive”Did you have a coupon?”…
When we unknowingly accepted our parental programming blocks, we tend to either 1) pick up the programming from our parents regarding money or 2) rebel against it. Either way, it seems to be managing our thoughts - and blocking our success.

#2 Culture and Religion Blocks:
Our cultures, and our religions have a big influence on our belief systems around wealth and money.
Subconscious blocks are easy to pick up with all of the misquoted and misunderstood “religious teachings” that are designed to play down the importance of money. Quotes such as:
Money is the root of all evil
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
Even “common sense” advice can show a subconscious negative attitude regarding money:
Money doesn’t make you happy.
Money can’t buy love or friends.
Money Corrupts.
Or even simply, “Look what money did to Anna Nicole Smith', Curt Cobain, Elvis, Marilyn, Robin and Whitney”…
These thoughts can subconsciously make us afraid of reaching for success or wealth. Really, who wants to be evil and unhappy ? Yuck!
#3 Low Self-Esteem Blocks
A third reason that can block someone’s success is low self-esteem or lack of confidence… an underlying feeling that they’re not good enough, and that everything is personal. This happens to a lot of us.
People feel as if OTHER people can do it - but they never can or was not meant to be. They truly  lack the belief in themselves and question their own ability to handle or manage success. This behavior becomes a struggle because it becomes an immediate war with the big fear of failing.
People with healthy self-esteem recognize that ‘taking action’ is a Learning Opportunity- to try something and see what works and what doesn’t. People with low self -esteem judge themselves so harshly for perceived faults and short-comings that every setback is taken very personally - even if, in reality, it has nothing to do with them or something they did wrong.
#4 “Inability to Receive” Blocks
The fourth way that people seem to be blocking their own success is by not allowing themselves to Receive.. Some people find it easy to Give, but have not yet developed the quality that allows others to give to them.
We need to be both  a giver and  receiver - We should allow and welcome the flow in both ways.  Not willing to receive success is a huge block!
It’s tough when we’ve been taught that “all the joy is in the giving” and “it is better to give than to receive.” And if everyone is GIVING all the time, then there is no one left to give to! In that way, not receiving can actually be selfish.
The tide naturally flows in and out - as energy likes to move between people. Some people have no trouble giving, but habitually block what flows TO them instead of being open to receive it. (This issue often leads to feelings of unworthiness, as if they don’t deserve to be given anything.)
Even on the level of compliments! We must be able to give compliments AND accept compliments. We cannot always just be a giver. When we allow other people in our lives to GIVE to us - and allow situations to give to us - the “life scale” balances and the free exchange of energy freely shared and open up.
It is only then, when we free and open ourselves up and welcome the universe to share with us - that our friends and those around us will feel the invitation to help. Some people ask the universe for help and then they block all of its avenues to get them the help they ask for.
#5 “Conscious Mind Blindness” Block
People generally overlook the opportunities as they go about their daily routines.
Our subconscious mind seems to fill our conscious thoughts a small percentage of what it is absorbing in.
It has been accepted as of interest or importance to us. In addition, after occupying the life of success blocking, our habits have conditioned the subconscious mind to only notice the symbols that will continue to keep us misaligned for success.
Up until this point in your life, the attention has been mainly noticing or focusing on areas where we were NOT successful, our subconscious mind concentrates THAT’S what we are most interested. Like losing the ability to spot a opportunity.
Most like our reactions and thoughts, we have trained our subconscious mind that we are not interested in opportunities… they are not relevant to us… we are not programed to take advantage of them. As if our conscious mind becomes blind to, the opportunities to make and receive money that is right there in front of us. Instead, it gathers evidence of even more things that we CANNOT do and ways that we DO NOT measure up.
As we start healing within we begin living life as a more successful person - and our decisions, emotions, actions, and behavior are more aligned with those of a wealthier, successful person - it becomes clear that there have been so many opportunities around us the whole time.